Saturday, 1 September 2007

Islamism must be fought and defeated

Islamism and Wahhabism undermine the very fabric of Islam; combined, these ideologies are a subversive influence on Muslim communities across the globe and a security threat to the West. I believe this issue transcends the right-left division of conventional politics and requires us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all right-thinking citizens, irrespective of party politics.

It is simply wrong to work to overthrow the Muslim rulers of Muslim countries which are from a scholarly perspective Dar al-Islam. While one does not endorse the brutal dictatorships that dominate the Arab political landscape, just as the Ahl al-Sunnah persevered through the tyranny of Hajjaj bin Yusuf, we should counsel Muslim rulers, exercise sabr, be abundant in dua, and work for political change with and not against the hukkam.

In this pursuit, we should seek guidance from that centuries-old repository of cumulative knowledge: the traditional Muslim ulama.


Anonymous said...


Do you condider yourself a murtad?

Or do you still believe Islam?

good job the sheikh AQZ said that even if 99% of the evidence pointed the fact someone is murtad and 1% didn't you should go for the 1%.

Anonymous said...

How much did you sell out for ?

Do you get paid monthly, or a lump sump,

do you get a bonus if you hit you targets??

Or do you do it for nothing cos you love the MI5

Anonymous said...

Rashad you are scum.

La anatullahi alaik ya kelb.