Thursday, 6 September 2007

Rashad Zaman Ali - Khilafah is an "expansionist, totalitarian state"

Let us not mistake the Muslims fealty and sentiments of spiritual brotherhood, and sharing teh pains of their brethren across the globe, mistaken for a non-existent ideologocal bond which politically supercedes tehir patriotic political ideas and political system.

They don't see a contradiction between being Egyptian/Syrian/Turkish/Secular-Turkish/Saudi/Kurdish/Socialist-Kurdish/Salafi-Saudi/ and Muslim.

Only some of the the extreme Islamists would have an identity problem with I dunno, say being Muslim or British and end up fly posting all the Muslim houses in his city after taking their addresses down from the council register ;-).

Most people wouldn't have that hang up. Most people don't think that there is a contradiction as they don't politicise their identity with an expansionist totalitarian state as a part of their identity in the name of the Ummah.

Posted by: Rashad Zaman Ali from Sheffield | 31 August 2007 at 02:51 AM


Anonymous said...

Besides checking your grammar and spelling, I would advise you think about substance. Rather than cobbling together a mish mash of random thoughts, deal with the issues. Trying to infer meaning appeals only to those who appreciate the context, it is akin to the in-joke!

Anonymous said...

If you have even an iota of fear of Allah in your heart you will allow this post.

First of all I don't know what to call you exactly due to your multiple names and identities:

Rashad Zaman Ali aka: Rashid Ali, Rashid Khan, Rashad Khan, Mohammad Rashid, Mohammad Rashad. Please verify your name on your passport as it is known you use multiple names for different purposes. Also please specify your actual place of residence if you have one, is it Sheffield, Birmingham or London? Where do you actually live? As it seems like you are staying in other peoples houses instead of in one fixed place as if you are trying to evade someone or something?

As you claim to be a person of knowledge and have claimed to be a mujtahid, in order for anyone to take knowledge from you or even listen to you - you must clarify the shubha concerning your personality which is doubtful according to my own personal experience and so many people I have spoken to

I want you to swear by Allah that you will answer the following questions truthfully without ambiguity and then answer them as such:

1) Have you ever traded in stolen cars?
2) How many cars have you crashed in your life?
3) How many people do you currently owe money to?
4) How many debts of yours remain unpaid even after the passing of a year?
5) How many fake/forged documents and certificates do you posess?
6) Is lesbianism permitted according to a valid Islamic opinion in your view? Let me make this clear, do you think the prohibition for women to engage in sexual activity with each other is not qati i.e. clearcut and therefore an area of legitimate difference of opinion?
7) Do you believe for one to beat their wife harshly in a way that causes bruising is permitted according to Islam?

As you say all the time people should not just follow without scrutinising and questioning, they shouldnt just be robots they should be thinkers, so I am applying the same to you. I request all people who speak to you to ask these questions to you before listening to anything you have to say or trusting you.

Fear Allah as he shuld be feared!!!

Sayful Islam said...

Rashad - why is it that you are avoiding the limelight and allowing Ed and Maajid to take all the interviews and publicity. We all know that you are the man behind the scenes but why are you so worried about coming out in public?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rashad,

Just been looking at your previous post:

interesting - i remember you have never completed a masters in islamic law. Hey and wait a minute - that dissertation is by Kamal Abu Zahra! you never wrote that!

I am sure you will try to pull it down soon - as your friends in whitehall will be looking out for you - so kept an internet backup.

More to come Rash - we go back a long way.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to answer the points raised?

The points about taking money from trusting brothers and never paying back are so widespread that I fear for you. Allah (SWT) will not forgive those that take the rights of others.

Your betrayal of Allah (SWT) and the believers for a price is consistant with your life traits!

Traitors are cursed by the believers and then on the Akhirah it is worse for them.

Anonymous said...


you sold your deen,

lost your islam,

Anonymous said...


your so lazy that you could not enable comment moderation

Fear Allah and return to Islam

Anonymous said...

Sounds like R Zaman is either joking, drunk or insane?

Allah (SWT) knows best

Anonymous said...

Photo of Rashad Zaman Ali can be seen at:

He is the one with his hand up.

Anonymous said...

Mr rashad judging from previous comments its easy to tell that you are a most loved individual!

I think bothers and sisters have done justice to your 'ijtihad' i need not repeat myself however i will ask this.......... how much are you paid per each anti islam comment?

Anonymous said...

Well i heard your new group have received half a million pound from the government... you should pay off your debt with that bro.